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Best Garden Building in Essex

Garden Building & Prices

Explore Our Sought-Out Garden Buildings That Will Redefine Your Garden Space

Discover our extensive range of garden buildings that perfectly match your personal and professional needs.

Your Extra Space is delivering Essex’s best timber and garden buildings. Choose our variety of log cabins, summer houses, mobile homes, garden studios, and garden offices in Essex at a very market-competitive rate. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best garden office in Essex from Your Extra Space.

Splendour Log Cabins

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Designed for people who are trying to find a space to have a hot tub shelter, exercise room, outdoor living space or summerhouse. Get a bespoke garden room in Essex from us! 

Rich Quality

Our log cabins are the best of the best in quality. We ensure to build sheer quality that lasts.

Spacious Addition

The perfect match to add a new space to work, relax, watch a film or anything you have in mind.

Aesthetic Design

Adapt to the modern world with aesthetically beautiful designed log cabins.

Flawless Framework

Our log cabins are built with a perfect framework that is tailored according to your needs.

Creating A Life-Changing Environment

Creating A Life-Changing Environment

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Our log cabins are designed to our client’s specific needs. We ensure to deliver bespoke solutions for your garden space. Get your dream summer house in Essex from us! 

Luxurious Quality

We ensure the use of high-quality materials that are a sheer reflection of opulence and luxury.


We build log cabins that are fully customised and also enhance your garden space.

Sleek Design

Adapt to the luxury garden building with sleek design cabins in Essex.

Grand Style

Our log cabins are built to perfectly match your space needs with a grand touch.

Spacious Garden Offices

Transform your garden space into a masterpiece

Getting Started

Say goodbye to conventional construction and get log cabins that are perfectly designed to match your garden space needs.

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We ensure using uncompromising quality oak and timber wood.