Guarantees & Warranties

At Your Extra Space, we believe our customers deserve the very best so we source high-quality materials and employ excellent craftsmanship when creating your contemporary garden building.

We appreciate that your garden room represents a significant outlay on your part and we want you to feel that your investment is safe in our hands. That’s why we offer a range of building and manufacturers’ warranties to give you peace of mind.

All our buildings come with a 10 year structural warranty.

Manufacturers’ Warranties

In addition to our building guarantee, we have also chosen excellent suppliers who offer the following manufacturers’ guarantees and warranties for individual items that may be used in the construction and finishing of your garden room. NB: These may be subject to terms and conditions and compliance with particular care instructions.

All relevant warranty certificates will be supplied after completion of your garden room.


  • Laminate 10 year warranty

Windows & Doors

  • uPVC 10 years
  • Aluminium 10 years

NOTE: You must have used and maintained the goods in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and not altered the goods.


  • EPDM rubber roof 10 years (material only)


2.1 All warranty claims should be notified to us in writing at the address shown on our website, you should do so promptly and in any event within 14 days of noticing the failure.

2.2 All warranties and guarantees are given subject to the following conditions:

2.2.1 You must have paid the Price in full;

2.2.2 In respect of the warranties the goods must have been installed in a professional manner and the installer must have followed the manufacturer’s recommendations.

2.2.3 You must have used and maintained the goods in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and not altered the goods.

2.2.4 We shall be under no liability in respect of any defect in the goods arising from any drawing, design or specification supplied by you.

2.2.5 We shall be under no liability in respect of minor imperfections or cosmetic deterioration, caused by normal wear and tear, or environmental factors.

2.2.6 Please be advised that wood as a natural material may be subject to processes resulting from aging, changes in humidity and temperature this also includes wooden hidden doors, resulting in changes in shape and size. Individual elements may also differ in appearance, in particular in the colouring and drawing of the stands. These changes, as resulting from the natural properties of the material, do not constitute defects and are not subject to complaint.

2.2.7 It may be necessary to perform some maintenance on our Bi-fold doors from time to time, depending on how they are used on a daily basis. Bi-fold doors may become imbalanced if not treated with care. In this case, maintenance will be required. Although we will be able to provide this service, there will be an additional fee associated with it

Limitation of Warranties

Please note: As is common practice, many warranty periods may only cover replacement costs of materials, and not the labour element for repairs. We will always try and keep labour costs to an absolute minimum, and at cost covering/break-even level.