We offer highly customisable solutions. All of our insulated outbuildings come as standard with electrical installations like sockets, internal and external lights. It is all plaster-boarded & plastered, painted, decorated and finished with laminate flooring. Please check below for specific costs based on the external area of the building.

up to 15 sqm

up to 20 sqm

up to 25 sqm

up to 30 sqm

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes refer to caravans that are designed for residential use. They do not have to meet any standards but they must meet the mobility and size test and additionally the construction test for units.

Depending on the size of the mobile home you are looking for the build time varies between 6 weeks to 2 months. As there are always plenty of factors influencing the price, we always start from a conversation, site survey and design process that will deliver exactly what you are looking for. 


  • Mobile Homes do not require planning permission and can be installed in protected areas, Areas of Natural Outstanding Beauty and everywhere else where obtaining a planning permission would be impossible.
  • Mobile Homes have 0% VAT rate while Garden Buildings have 20% VAT.



If you find yourself in a position that you will require a planning permission, do not worry! We got you.

We can offer you this service here. Simply contact Martin 07498 185562 and he will answer all your questions, if needed he will come and do a side visit and suggest you with the best option for you!