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4 Reasons Why You Must Add An Annexe To Your Property In The UK

Annexes, often known as “Granny Annexes,” are built to have all the conveniences of a home away from home. An unattached, compact area that usually offers a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, as well as everything the main house would need to support self-contained life. These areas are frequently designed for storage.

These compact areas are frequently designed with clever practicality in mind and are incredibly well-liked for keeping elderly relatives—hence the name “Granny Annexe”. Other uses for this extra space include living for friends and family visiting and providing a private residence.

While Your Extra Space is always here to provide the best services for building an annexe or garden house in London, this blog will tell you about four reasons you must add an annexe to your property. Let’s start!

Reasons Why You Must Add An Annexe To Your Property

A Cost-Effective Replacement For Conventional Options

Annexes are very popular as a potential replacement for retirement communities for older family members. Building an annexe on your property comes with relatively low expenditures compared to other, more conventional housing options. 

Also, custom designs guarantee the most economical procedure for building the annexe and the subsequent monthly costs, including potential eligibility for lower council tax payments.

Adding Luxury With A Contemporary Layout:

There are various ways to design a smaller residence or annexe properly so the interior feels contemporary. You can develop custom elements with our team to increase the property’s openness and complement certain aspects of the construction. With a well-designed layout and a good build, your property will look multiple times better and more luxurious.

Increased Property Value:

In some situations, the multipurpose use of this well-liked property feature can result in a 20–30% rise in property value. The appealing idea of a fully functional year-round, independent living area is attractive to potential buyers when used as a primary marketing tactic. 

Since this type of property is so well suited for family living, most people prefer a well-done home with a completely functional annexe up for sale. Therefore, when the chance does arise, these homes are in high demand and may thus fetch a much higher asking price.

Extra Storage 

The majority of annexes are constructed with intelligent storage in mind. You can use the additional outhouse space to store outhouse goods and other independent living spaces. Working with our team to create custom designs that meet your extra living needs will allow you to incorporate practical storage solutions for daily appliances, cupboards, and drawers that not only help maximise your immediately available space but also make it possible to store non-essential items that don’t belong in the main house.

How Your Extra Space Can Help? 

Annexes must be thoughtfully planned to make the most of the available space. Our staff is made up of skilled and knowledgeable individuals who produce flawless designs, ensuring the careful utilisation of little spaces. We are experienced in creating open-concept living and kitchen spaces and luxurious bathrooms that make a house feel like a home.

With Your Extra Space, you can be confident that you’re working with experts who are concerned about delivering your unique designs with quality in mind when you build a custom annexe or garden room. Your outbuilding will be outfitted entirely for year-round use, with appropriate electrical connections and effective insulation.

To Wrap Up:

These are some reasons you must consider getting an annexe built in your house. So contact us to learn how we can help, whether you’re looking to develop an annexe, garden office, games area, or garden office in London. Our team will handle building control and submissions for projects that need planning consent, giving you the assurance that everything will be handled.

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