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Gazebo vs. Pergola: Which Structure Is Right for Your Outdoor Space?

If you’re on the edge of starting an outdoor project, you’re in the right place! Now, you must be thinking about which structure will be ideal for your outdoor space. Of course, nobody likes to sit under the blazing sun.

If you are planning to get a structure in your outdoor space, then you can consider a pergola or a gazebo. Read about these two structures that will be ideal for you. Keep going!


A pergola is a freestanding structure that stands on four posts with a slated roof. Pergolas can be attached to the side of your home.

There are some pergola models that come with a retractable sun shade that you can open and close if you want. The shade has a cord or a handle that makes it easier to adjust. You don’t need to pull out a ladder for it.

Most of the shades on the pergolas are made up of high-class UV-rated fabric, and the frame comes from solid wood, PVC or aluminium.


A gazebo is simply an outdoor structure that comes in different shapes and sizes. A solid, pitched roof, finished floors and open sides. The frame and solid roof are made up of galvanised steel, aluminium, or pressure-treated wood.

You can place patio furniture, have built-in benches and do much more in gazebos.

Difference between Pergola and Gazebo:

You might find similarities between pergolas and gazebos, but the roof of these two structures is where the real difference starts. Read about the differences below:


Roof Differences:

A gazebo roof gives you full coverage from the sun and rain, unlike pergolas, which are relatively open. They feature totally enclosed roof systems. Gazebos offer you superior protection. The closed roof system of the gazebo makes many people get it because they are flexible, and you can enjoy rain or shine.


Most of the gazebos are usually freestanding with a design that contrasts or matches the primary structure. If you are aiming for an attached structure with full roof protection, then it will surely make more sense to add an addition to your house.


Gazebo roofs offer superior protection from the elements. It contributes enough strength to the overall structure, which is tied to the roof system together. Gazebos have floor structures with railings and even built-in benches. The structure is pretty sturdy and strong.


Roof Differences:

A pergola will offer you more airflow, and it will let the sunlight in. The open-air design is what attracts many buyers. Depending on the roof design, pergolas give you a surprising amount of shade from the sun.


The flexible design of a pergola’s roof makes it convenient for attaching to a primary structure on one or more walls. All you have to do is install the pillars next to your house or another structure, then fasten the other side of the pergola’s slatted roof to the structure.


Pergolas are good enough to last a long time. A well-built pergola that is properly maintained can easily last for years. If you want to make it last long, then you should get the best wood for a pergola that is strong and sturdy.

Which Structure Is Ideal For Your Outdoor Space?

Whether you are going for a pergola or a gazebo, adding one to your yard will increase your property value. These can be assembled in a few hours or days, and they will add more functionality and style to your outdoor space.

Versatile Options:

Gazebos and pergolas are versatile options. They are great for installing in your garden, over the hot tub, or to create an outdoor dining area. You can put your patio furniture under these two structures. This will be an amazing addition to your outdoor space. You can host parties and events whenever you like.

Installation Process:

It is more common to install a gazebo out in the yard and a pergola on already existing surfaces, like on a deck. The gazebos come with their own built-in seating, like benches, which are made up of wood. On the other hand, a pergola doesn’t have built-in seats.

To keep yourself safe from UV rays, a pergola with a retractable canopy shade will be a good option, and you can adjust the overhead shade as the sun moves throughout the day.

Aesthetics and Design:

Individuals who prioritise design go for pergolas as the structure is quite decorative. You can find pergolas made from rustic wood or sleek aluminium or ones that come with an overhead beam where you can hang string lights or plants for dressing it up. Of course, everyone wants to pull off an incredible-looking outdoor structure.

Shelter And Coverage:

The gazebo is ideal for people who want all-day coverage. The covered area will offer protection from outdoor elements like sun and rain. A sturdy roof that has netting and curtains with it can keep the bugs out.


You can place your favourite patio furniture under the gazebo if you want to make it look aesthetically pleasing. As we know, some of us are always throwing parties, inviting friends and family for dinners and hangouts; this place would do wonders for you. This can also help protect your patio furniture from wet weather all the time, and you won’t experience soggy cushions whenever you want to chill at the gazebo.

Final Thoughts:

Pergolas or gazebos, you pick the one that suits your preferences and needs. Both of them have benefits for your outdoor space. Of course, you will have a space where you can host dinners and throw parties in the evening with your friends and family. This will be an incredible place for you to unwind after a hectic day at work. If you want amazing gazebos or a wooden garden pergola, then you can contact Your Extra Space for it, where we bring your vision to life.

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