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Designing Your Dream Garden Shed: Styles and Inspirations

Designing Your Dream Garden Shed: Styles and Inspirations

Many people love to have a spot in their home’s backyard where they can relax, unwind and have a good time. It is all because they want to chill after a hectic day at work. Meanwhile, this place at your home can be used for housing gardening tools and supplies if you are more into landscaping and garden maintenance.

A garden shed is one of the spots in your home where you can do all of this stuff, from having a place to chill to storing your gardening tools and machinery at a place. If you are planning to get a dream garden shed, then you can keep reading this blog. You will get to know about the best garden shed landscaping ideas from here.

Cottage-Style Garden Shed:

Garden sheds can do more than just provide you with a place where you can store your items and stuff. These sheds can be an ideal spot for a comfortable workspace while giving you a backdrop with plants or giving you a space where you can relax and chill with your friends and family. This cottage-core style shed will give the whimsical garden vibes you’re looking for. If you like cottage-core design and styles, then this would be an incredible choice for you.

Salvaged Shed:

Salvaged windows with barn-board siding give off a vintage character to the garden shed. Going in for the attention to detail, such as window trims on the exterior and the cupola perched on the top of the roof, turns this shed into an inspiring garden-side retreat.

Using bold colours on this shed will add more character and personality to this shed. Darker shades would pop and make it look outstanding.

Glass Garden Shed:

The all-glass garden shed would do wonders for people who want storage, as well as a greenhouse area. This design will work really well in a yard where the owners have a wonderful landscape that shines. Adding window boxes and gingerbread moulding will go hand-in-hand together and make sure that the design looks aesthetically pleasing.

Farmhouse Garden Shed:

If you have a thing for farmhouses, then this will be an ideal style for you. This backyard shed design is pretty practical and savvy. Most of the time, a farmhouse garden shed materials are salvaged from other home renovations. The shed is made in a way that it can easily be moved, as it is set on concrete piers on gravel and sand.

Rustic Garden Shed:

The rustic design and styles have been getting popular recently. Many people are picking up this style because it looks wonderful and stands out from others. A winding stone path can lead to this shed. At the same time, the shed can have weathered wood and traditional cottage design elements. Picking a steely blue-grey door and shutters with the same colourway will be the best fit for this design.

On top of that, a glazed finish will look amazing on this design. Adding board and batten siding will add more awesomeness to this design. If you want this type of garden shed in the UK, then you can check out Your Extra Space for that.

Modern Shed:

Modern sheds look outstanding in the outdoor space of your home. The modern-styled shed can have white trim on the windows and doors. It will emphasize its contemporary angles. To add more fun to this, an overhanging roof will create the effect of a covered porch. Wood soffit will be the icing on the cake as it will give futuristic vibes to the design.

Miniature House Shed:

This design takes inspiration from the main house and features the same earthy shades and bright paint colours. There are extras in this shed, and it includes a deck, stone path and cottage-styled mixed planting borders. This makes the backyard shed design even better, and you will feel at home in it. You can put lace curtains or roman blinds on the windows, a bench and outdoor art. This is how you will be able to give a vibe to your home in this shed.

Moreover, downspouts on this shed design will ensure that the rain isn’t damaging the plants surrounding the building.

Grand Garden Shed:

If you have a bigger space, then you can go big with this backyard shed’s design. This large shed will be an incredible place at your home where you can do more than just store equipment and items. You can bring in furniture and other things where you can rest and relax with your friends and family.

On the outside, you can have a slanted copper roof on the top, pillars and, a welcoming porch, and a good-looking colonnade. Put a colourful bench outside with potted plants to make this spot more welcoming to everyone.

Victorian-Style Shed:

Are you that person who’s into the vintage Victorian-era aesthetic? If yes, then the Victorian-style shed is for you! The windows fill up the shed with natural light that enters it. On the outside, the antique paving bricks with an ironwork fence and sweeping planting beds on the sides of the shed complete the entire look.

Country-Style Shed:

If you like country-style designs, then you can give your garden shed a touch of country appeal. You can go with the barn-board siding with cedar-shake shingles and rustic wooden trellises that will be setting the tone for the shed. You can add pots for growing herbs and tomatoes in them if you want.

Latticework Garden Shed:

Latticework and sturdy beams offer shelter and safety from the elements if you want a potting shed. The open design will let the homeowner keep an eye on the garden while working at their potting bench. You can use the saloon-style doors that will swing to give you open and easy access to the shed.

Final Thoughts:

We hope that the designs, styles, and inspirations that we have mentioned above will be ideal for you. You can take them into consideration and pull them off while designing your dream garden shed. Get in touch with us at Your Extra Space today to learn more about how we can make your dream shed come to life!

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