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Choosing The Right Garden Building Specialist For Your Project

Getting your dream garden built the way you like is what everyone wants. Of course, your dreams can come into reality if you are going to pick the best garden-building specialists who are pretty aware of every little detail that they have to work on in order to bring the best out of the project.

All the experts and well-learned professionals working under these garden-building specialists know what their customers want, and they are always working to match their customer’s expectations.

If you are a person who’s been thinking about getting their dream garden done by a garden-building specialist, keep reading this blog. You will get to know what you need to know in order to choose the right garden builder or garden building specialist.

What You Need To Know For Choosing A Garden Building Specialist:

If you are on the hunt for a brilliant garden-building specialist, then there are some things that you need to know before picking up one. Read about them below;

Are They Offering A Site Visit?

If you are looking for a company to supply and fit your garden building, the first question you need to ask is whether they will be coming to your site.

A site visit will ensure that the installation team has all types of access they need and that the site is ready for the building. Some common things that need to be inspected are ground conditions, overhead power lines, drainage, and so on.

Have They Asked You The Purpose Of Using It?

A garden building isn’t a small investment, and this is why it’s important that you need to get maximum value from it. However, if the project is just built up with no thought or care for how it will be used in the future, then it won’t provide the value that it should.

Any good garden builder will find out what you will be using the project for and make sure that it is the ideal size and shape for that. For instance, if you need a shed for your tools, there’s no need for you to invest in aesthetics, and you can primarily focus your budget on functionality. They will make it the way you want, and it has all the relevant extras which will be used correctly for that purpose.

Are They Providing A Proper Base?

A building is only as good as its base, so it’s crucial for any garden building specialist to install it correctly. They have to construct the base with the help of concrete blocks and wooden floors.

The use of pressure-treated timber floor bearers that has maxed-out spacings in between them is essential. The floor’s beams should have maximum spacing. A garden building specialist has to offer you the same clarity whenever it comes to your base.

Are They Working On Damp-Proofing?

Garden builders have to work with damp-proofing materials in order to keep the air flowing and the dampness away. Some of the garden buildings have an additional vapour barrier inside them, which prevent the ingress of moisture into the wall from within the building.

Pro-tip: Get the walls made from pressure-treated redwood timber cladding over a breathable membrane that is fixed to the heavy-duty timber framing. This will help eliminate the dampness.

Which Materials Are They Using?

Most of the time, the timber used for constructing each garden building is important. If you don’t pay attention while picking up the right wood, everything might go the wrong way pretty quickly.

Tips That Will Help You Pick The Best Garden Buildings:

Since we have told you about what you need to know before picking up a garden building specialist, how can we forget about the tips that will help you in choosing the best garden buildings? Read about them below:


A cabin has to be big enough to evolve with your needs. It shouldn’t be out of proportion to the rest of the garden, will create too much shade, or have more space than you can furnish. You can use tent pegs or canes for marking out dimensions if you want. This will help you visualise how a building will sit.

Log Thickness:

If you are planning to use a building on summer days, timber up to 28 mm thick will do the job. For the summer evenings or spring days, 34 mm timber will be ideal, but if you are looking for all-year-round use, then go for 44 mm or preferably 70 mm logs.


While choosing the windows for the building, you can save up costs by going for acrylic glass windows. However, they will offer less insulation than glass. Single-glazed ones are warm enough for summer and spring, but double-glazed ones will provide more warmth all year round.


The type of timber that will be used for a garden building will affect how long it will last. Slow-grown timbers are denser than fast-growing trees, as well as they are more durable. Other details help in boosting longevity. Moreover, make sure that you are checking the size of the roof purlins if you are aiming to invest in a garden building that will last generations.


Always look for the garden buildings with the FSC-certified icon. The timber for these products comes from sustainable and well-managed sources.


Garden buildings come in all sizes and shapes to suit all budgets. There are many variations in garden buildings, and always check out what exactly you will get for your money. You can always ask for a budget-friendly project from us. We at Your Extra Space will do it the way you like.

Final Thoughts:

If you are going to get a garden building, make sure that you are considering what we have mentioned above and the tips for choosing the right builder for your garden project. We are pretty sure that your project will come out very well as a result, and you will be more than happy with it. Get in touch with us at Your Extra Space today to learn more about how we can help you build the best bespoke garden buildings!

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