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In What Ways Does A Garden Office Benefits You?

The growing trend of working from home doesn’t seem to go anywhere soon. And while many people see the unique perk of avoiding a commute and working in their pyjamas, they often need to consider that you need an extra room or space in your house to create an office-like environment. Only some have an empty room waiting to be turned into a home office.

If you’re running out of room for a home office, think about the garden office – also known as the backyard or ‘shoffice’ (shed + office). Not only do you get a fantastic working environment with plenty of natural light and ventilation, but you also get an incredible view.

What Is A Garden Office And Its Benefits?

Because the most common issue individuals have when deciding to work from home is a lack of space, it is reasonable to assume that a garden office is a modern answer to an everyday problem. 

A garden office is a garden room with a modern design and all of the required conveniences. These garden rooms are entirely separate from the main house and are designed to be utilised as home offices.

You can build a garden home office with reliable garden room specialists such as Your Extra Space; we are here to make great home offices, saunas, or garden studios in London, Surrey, and other parts of the UK. If you’re still undecided about getting a home office, we’ve compiled a list of benefits that may sway your decision:

Your Personalised Space

You can decorate your garden office to keep your stress levels low and your work mood high. This includes placing motivational quotes in frames, laying down your favourite throw rug, adding a comfortable couch, hanging family photos, and even hanging plants all over the room.

Add Value To Your Property 

You may not realise it, but an office building in your yard or garden can add value to your home if done correctly. A well-designed garden office can add a wow factor to a stunning backyard.

Moreover, these office alternatives cost less than typical extensions. They are also far less intrusive and do not demand entire garden office planning permission. In other words, there is no waiting period until the council approves it.

Work With A Great View 

Even if you have a heavy workload, the beautiful view of the garden will make you feel more comfortable. An office in your garden will undoubtedly allow you to spend more time outdoors. As a result of actually getting things done, you will experience less stress, increased productivity, and emotions of self-worth.

This is one of the finest reasons to have a garden office; you’ll enjoy peace when you need it the most. It is a getaway from the chaos of a typical weekday.

Efficient & Effective 

Working outside in nature can boost your productivity significantly. The beautiful view of your garden and all the little critters that visit it will provide a quiet environment. 

With this, you may concentrate on your task without being distracted by those around you. It’s also a great place to have conference calls because no one will interrupt you or start chatting too loudly near your workspace. This is especially critical if you have small children running around the house.

Useful Storage Function 

The Shoffice also serves as a practical storage place, allowing you to know exactly where you’re storing your belongings – no more disorganised sheds, attics, or under-stair storage, and no more desperate digging through these locations to find that one unusual item you need! 

With a shoffice, you will only have to search the entire house for a file. The peace of mind provided by this cannot be overstated.

Ending Words

Garden home offices work in many ways. You have a personalised and relaxed workplace; you can be highly productive without distractions. Shed offices can increase the value of your property. 

If you want these benefits, contact us as we can help you build offices, bike sheds, bespoke garden buildingsor any other place in the UK.

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