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From Functional to Stylish: Adding Lighting Fixtures to Your Garden Pergola

Garden pergolas look absolutely amazing, and they are an ideal place where you can chill and relax after a long, hectic day. It is a wonderful place for you to host parties and hangouts for your friends and family. However, some of the garden pergolas look so basic that they need some decor and lighting fixtures that will help in boosting the ambience of your garden structure.

It’s not only about the aesthetics, but they will let you enjoy your outdoor seating space even in the dark. Most people have pergolas in their homes, and if you are one of them, then keep going on with this blog. Keep reading, and you will get the best pergola light ideas from here.

Creating A Laid-Back Look With Festoons:

Festoon lighting fixtures have been quite popular in the lighting trends recently. They’re the number one fixture that pops into mind when it comes to looking for illumination solutions. If you are aiming to achieve a laid-back festival vibe, then these fixtures would do wonders for you. They make any outdoor structure feel updated. The best part about these fixtures is that they’re really easy to install.

Opt for a larger bulb that will give an industrial look, which pairs perfectly with the aesthetic of your pergola. On top of that, you can add some accessories to it. Add some hanging baskets filled with eye-catching foliage and vivid decor, which will be an add-on to this scene and give a beautiful look.

Wonderful Smart Downlighters For Your Pergola:

If you are more into minimal and modern looks, then a series of sleek-looking and stylish downlights will be an ideal option for you. These lighting fixtures come with symmetrical designs, are highly practical and go very well with the contemporary design.

What’s more interesting about these fixtures is that they will provide a warm glow to the sun loungers below. These fixtures highlight the potted plants, which showcase the vivid foliage and architectural form even when it’s dark outside.

Pro-tip: You can go for slatted fence panels along with these lighting fixtures. It will give the space more definition and privacy.

Integrated LEDs Are The Right Choice:

We know that many people are into modern structures and contemporary architecture, and you might be one of them. If you want to jump on the modern trends, then you may choose to have integrated LEDs in your pergola’s structure.

However, it’s not just lighting which can get integrated into the pergolas, you can get a heating system installed in it too. Add adjustable roofs to make them suitable for the people who will be using them in all seasons.

Throughout the years, gardens have become an extension of our homes, and everyone is pulling off these designs as they have become increasingly popular. On top of that, you can add a fire pit to have a good time during the chilly winter season. All of this makes a lovely centrepoint for residents and guests.

Adding Colour-Popping Solar Lanterns:

Boho style has been becoming popular among people, and if you want to achieve a boho-styled pergola with lighting fixtures, then you can layer up festoons with colourful lanterns at different heights.

The best part about these is that the solar lanterns won’t need an outdoor electricity outlet. You can add candle-lit lanterns with them to make the pergola more welcoming and give off a natural vibe. Also, combine all of this with a canopy of foliage for an enchanting look.

Embracing An Outstanding Look With Hanging Pendants:

For individuals who have modern-design pergolas with waterproof roofs and stylish wall panels in their backyard or garden, you can add hanging pendants to it. This will give a striking look to the pergola

These luxe pendants will surely catch the attention of your guests as they add appeal to your pergola. You can add a comfy couch and tables in the pergola to give a refined look to the space. This is one of the modern pergola lighting ideas that many individuals are considering nowadays.

String Lights For Aesthetic Value:

String lights look absolutely amazing everywhere. You can hang them in tents, gardens or rooms. You can give your garden structure a twinkling glow by adding string lights to the pergola. This will look aesthetically pleasing, and they are much more affordable than other designs.

What’s more interesting about these lights is that they are easy to install. If you want a more reliable option, then go for an electricity-powered style. All you need is an outdoor power outlet to power these little, cute lights.

Boost The Ambience With LED Candles:

If you aren’t very savvy with décor, you must be wondering if LED candles are really a thing. Yes, they are. These LED candles are an amazing addition to the lighting fixtures. The best part about them is that they have a waterproof design.

They look identical to real candles, and there’s no need to worry about your children or pets knocking them over.

If you want your pergola to give off cosy vibes, put them in a group around the table or floor in your pergola. On top of that, you can add string lights around the pergola to enhance the look of your garden structure. This will look inviting to your guests if you are throwing a garden party during the evening time.

LED Chandeliers Do It Better:

Since we have mentioned the LED candles that have just made their way to the lighting fixtures category, then how can we miss the LED chandeliers? These graceful chandeliers will boost the look of your garden structure if you hang them in your pergola.

Your garden will surely glow up and look wonderful if you opt for LED chandeliers.

For a botanical edge, you can wrap faux foliage around the branches and pergola and put LED candles on the table.

Final Thoughts:

Sprucing up your garden pergolas is amazing. It adds an aesthetically pleasing look to the garden structure. Adding lighting fixtures, tables, foliage, and other accessories is the cherry on top for your garden pergolas.

You can take these pergola light ideas into consideration and pick the lighting fixture you will be getting for your garden wooden pergola in the future. We are sure that you will be able to pull off an incredible garden design!

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