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Why Should You Invest In A Summer House?  

With all that space in your garden, why not turn it into something that you’ll cherish forever? Yes, a Summerhouse!

Having a summerhouse could do wonders for your physical and mental health because it gives you a safe space to enjoy in the summers and something to look forward to during the winters!

All in all, making a sound investment doesn’t always have to be all loom and gloom. It can be as fun and exciting as investing in a summer house. Many people dream of owning a summerhouse – with Your Extra Space, make your dreams a reality!

Beautifies Your Home

A summer house can make even the blandest of gardens into a charming utopia. When it comes to summer houses in London, a well-designed summer house that complements the rest of the home is the perfect addition to the extra garden space!

It’s like those beautiful spaces in movies that are just effortlessly there, making everything in its vicinity so elegant. A place you can spend hours at while feeling like only minutes have passed. An added bonus is that if you plan to put your property up for sale, the potential buyers will appreciate the extra space and renovation (summer house) and add to the value of the property in comparison to the rest of the properties in the neighbourhood.

Perfect For Get Together

A summer house is absolutely perfect for small get-togethers and gatherings with friends and family. It serves as a shaded outdoor entertainment space. You can enjoy the company of the ones dear to you in your newly added summerhouse. 

Rather than disturbing your main house and immediately worrying about cleaning up, arranging events in the summer house could become a relatively relaxing affair. This way, the guests and the host both get to enjoy the event to the fullest.  

Great For Both Relaxing And Working

If there’s something that the pandemic has taught us, it is the value of a pleasant indoor space. Imagine being cooped up in a home for months on end without anywhere to go, only to go from one room to another to the kitchen and back. It’s always a great idea to have a little extra room that sparks joy in your heart.

A summer house gives you the opportunity to work from the comforts of your home with the feel of being out! It’s relaxing, fun, and highly convenient. No more noise from outside, yet you get to enjoy the view and the ambience! 

Lets You Explore Your Creative Side

Once the summer house is built, you can explore its full potential by putting your creativity to the test. If you’d like to explore a Bohemian style, pick out big leafy plants for your summer house, or maybe get vibrant flowers to have that perfect pop of colour!

Maybe plants aren’t really your thing at all. Experimenting with different sorts of lighting and adding hanging decorations and wall art might be more of your scene. And that’s absolutely fine too!

So get in touch with Your Extra Space today and build summer house sheds anywhere in the UK

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