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5 Best Ideas For Making Amazing Summer Houses

Having a summer house is a great way to enjoy the warmer months. What’s not to love about a pretty garden structure that fits your style and needs?

We usually think of sheds when we think of garden buildings. Shed ideas can be stylish, but most of the time, they are just places to keep things safe. On the other hand, summer houses are all about relaxing, not doing work in the garden.

You can see different types of summer houses in Hampshire because you can turn them into anything you want, from a cool place to hang out with friends to a cosy spot to read. Often made with large windows and doors, they turn your extra space into an outdoor room that gives you shelter, comfort, and the pleasure of a summer breeze. Even though it’s called a “summer house,” a good one can be used all year long.

Opt For A Pretty Porch

A porch and picket fence together make a summer house scene even more charming. A wide decking makes the space even bigger, which will be useful when having people over.

Also, the small chimney on the summer house suggests that it has a wood-burning stove inside. This will make the evenings more comfortable and encourage use even when it gets colder.

Add A Pair Of Multi-Pane Windows 

Adding multi-pane windows is both pretty and modern, making it great for your summer house ideas. Paint the inside and outside of the house to give it a sense of unity, and pair it with a hipped, cedar-shingled roof for a contrast that will catch your eye.

Even when the double French doors are closed, lots of light will come in through the windows with multiple panes. To finish the look, add potted plants, some of the best outdoor rugs, and a comfortable sofa for sitting back and enjoying the view.

Add Different Storeys or Levels

When you add levels to the mix, the look is taken to a whole new level, both literally and figuratively.

Also, a higher room is likely to give you a better view of the rest of your garden. 

Try A Wooden Gazebo For A Summer House

If you like summer house ideas that feel open and airy, then adding a gazebo might be the right one for you. The roof could be used to hang up pretty festoon lights to add to the atmosphere in the evenings and protect people from the hot summer sun or the occasional rain shower. It’s a great place to have people over, no matter the weather.

This relaxing retreat can be made by hand from strong wood and would work well in a modern garden, or you can hire expert services like Your Extra Space, which designs summer houses and garden offices in Kent.

Paint Vibrant Color

When it comes to summer house ideas, you don’t have to stick to neutral colours. Why not choose something a little more exciting for a lively part?

For example, a bold turquoise colour is a beautiful choice that will brighten up any plot. And the white paint on the inside of the design makes a nice contrast. The stained-glass windows are a perfect match for the colour. 

Wrap Up

Summer houses are a great place for everyone to relax and enjoy gatherings. They can simply be made by hand, or you can contact any service for complicated designs. 

Whatever the process is, the summer houses can be made into customizable designs according to your need and desires and looks terrific.

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