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5 Tips To Choose The Right Spot For Your Garden Office

Working from home has many benefits, and if you are about to get a garden office built, you will enjoy them all. But before getting too excited, there is one essential task to do – choosing the right spot for your garden office. It can be a tricky task as you have to consider several factors. Are you struggling with where to start? Don’t worry; we are here for you. 

We have compiled a list of factors you must consider for an ideal garden office building. Once you have decided on the spot, contact a bespoke garden buildings expert to build the office of your dreams.

Consider the direction of the sun

The primary factor that makes garden offices attractive is lots of sunlight. When choosing the location for your garden office, you must look for a spot where there is maximum exposure to sunlight. It will fill your garden office with natural light, and you can take advantage while working. Plenty of sunlight makes the garden room environment more pleasant, and your work efficiency increases. 

Think about privacy

Working from home can become a challenging task if you are constantly bugged by family members, kids, and pets. A garden office can become a solution to this problem if built efficiently. Choosing a location a little secluded from the house or hidden behind the bushes is better. It will add to your privacy, and kids and pets won’t be able to disturb you all the time. 

Minimise noise levels

If your house is located in a busy area such as the main road or commercial area, chances are you won’t find complete peace in your garden office. Noise from the traffic can be very distracting, and you may lose focus. To minimise the effect of noise, you should choose a corner which is not directly facing towards the road. One more idea is to plant shrubs and bushes around the walls of your garden office, as they will cut down the effect of background noises.

Ensure enough space

Small timber cabins look cosy and comfortable, but if you have a lot of stuff to place in your garden office, they can become cluttered. Before choosing the location for your garden office, you have to calculate how much area you need. There should be enough room for all the furniture and equipment and some extra space too. Overcrowded offices can make you feel claustrophobic, and you won’t be able to work efficiently. 

Accessible utilities

One of the most important factors before choosing the right spot for your garden office is the availability of essential utilities such as electricity and water. You can’t have your office without electricity and water, as they are basic necessities that must be present. Choosing the spot from which electricity and water hookups are nearer is better. Otherwise, it will become difficult to give the connection to your office. 

Wrapping up

Garden offices can be the perfect place to work as the calm and quiet environment of the garden casts a positive impact on your mood, and your work efficiency increases in nature’s company. If you choose the location of your garden office wisely, it can be your favourite place to work in. When you have decided on the right spot, you should contact one of the best garden-building specialists to build the garden office just as you want. Your Extra Space is one of the best builders in town, having expertise in garden buildings. We have skilled builders who can build not only garden buildings but also experts in decking, cladding, deluxe fences, and mobile homes in Surrey, Stanmore, Camberley and all nearby locations.

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