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7 Pergola Designs For Your Garden

A pergola is a garden feature that makes a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area out of vertical posts or pillars that usually hold cross beams. It has a strong open lattice on which woody vines are often trained. The word comes from the Late Latin pergola, which means “an eve that sticks out.”

Most garden pergolas have an open lattice roof that gives some shade to the area below. The idea behind the design is to provide some shade while letting air flow freely. You can plant vines to grow up and around the top or let the pergola’s beauty show.

Here in this blog, we have shared some great ideas for a garden pergola.

Make A Garden Pergola With A Plant Hanger

The idea behind the plant hanger pergola is to leave some bolts out so you can hang plants from them. Depending on the plants you choose, they could even help keep you cool in the summer by blocking the sun. Remember that you can turn almost any pergola into a place to hang plants by screwing hooks into the frame of the pergola.

Put A Garden Pergola On Your Roof

Who says the rooftop of your city home has to be dull? Add plants, trees, and a wooden garden pergola to make it look nicer. Imagine having your quiet place in the middle of a busy place. This garden may also have plants you can eat, so it is a real garden. 

Outdoor Kitchen Island Garden Pergola

Make a pergola for your kitchen that is just right for you. It can be simple or include your grill, smoker, or anything else you use to cook outside.

Swing Garden Pergola

A garden pergola can be shaped and sized in many different ways. The swing garden pergola may not be huge, but it’s clear that it gives you an extra sense of enjoyment. 

Think about a warm summer night with a light breeze. The swing is a good option and calls you and your partner to it.

Stroll Through The Garden Gazebo

A garden pergola is nice because you can put it wherever you want. This one makes its way through. It could be a path from your house to your garden, from your garden to your toolshed, or just a path lined with plants or flowers.

Hurricane Resistant Free-Standing Garden Pergola

Since this one is built in a place where hurricanes are common, it is anchored with three feet of concrete. This garden pergola is durable and heavy and not going anywhere soon.

Garden Pergola Planter

This beautiful pergola has a garden built right into it. Think about putting planters in each corner of your garden pergola.

Just looking at this place makes all the stress disappear. Think about having a place like this in your own backyard. You can find more great pergola ideas with Your Extra Space. 

Your Extra Space deals in designing and creating different cabins in Dorset. They make the most creative use of extra spaces at home.

Wrap Up:

A pergola is a very good choice to place in your garden, roof or in backyard. You can make use of these by planting beautiful flowers and making creative and edible gardens.

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