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Have A Bike Shed In Your Garden & Enjoy These Benefits

If you don’t have a garage, that’s not a problem. With creativity, you can easily find or build a safe space for your bike and gear. For example, think about using an unused corner in your garden to construct a small shed specifically for your bikes and other equipment. 

Not only will this declutter and utilise wasted space, but it can be pretty attractive too! In addition to this method, there are several others we’ll cover in this blog post.

Utilise The Extra Space In Your House

Various things can be constructed on the unused area or an area you want to change into impressive bespoke garden buildingsYou can have a beautiful garden room, home office, cabin, or bike shed. 

Keeping your bike under a well-build shed and get the following benefits:

No Damage Or Bike Theft 

When you have a bike shed and don’t have to worry about it being vandalised or stolen, your expensive vehicle will be safe and secure compared to when you part the bike outside. You have a safe anchor point where your bike can be chained.

Protected From Weather Changes

Changes in the weather can harm your bike too. Rain and sun glare will ruin the body of your bike. Not only that, but it can also affect the engine and the inner wiring. Bikes can rust while sitting outside in the open, but with a shed, that can be avoided entirely. 

The stern glare of the sun can ruin the colour of your bike and fade away. However, bike storage is a fantastic way to keep it safe and protected. 

Have An Extra Space For Goods 

Bike sheds are more than simply a place to keep your bike because there is more to them. If you want to store your bike, chances are you’ll also want to hold bike parts, pumps, helmets, child bike seats, and other accessories. 

All of these take up space if stored inside the home; therefore, a wooden bike storage solution provides a convenient spot to store everything.

Uplift The Look Of Your House

The best thing about bike sheds is that they look aesthetic, especially wooden ones. An ugly space can be turned into an absolute beauty and give the area a clean look. You can design the shed as you like and paint it well to look attractive. It enables you to make your garden much more attractive for the years to come. 

Get Different Sized Shed

Only some houses have a garage or a proper space to park your bike safely. However, there are various options for those who have limited space. For someone needing a storage solution, you can check for different size options, select one that fits your needs, and play perfectly. 

To Wrap It Up

A bike shed is an excellent way to keep your bicycle safe and secure while protecting it from weather damage or theft. Moreover, a bike shed can help improve the look of your space while providing extra storage for other equipment. If you are looking for garden room specialists in the UK, Your Extra Space is one of the leading providers.

With our assistance, you can get anything made in your garden, be it a home office, sauna, or log cabin in the UKBrowse our site for a better idea of what you can get by hiring us and about our experience in the industry. 

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