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Things You Need To Know About Log Cabins

Everybody has an extra space in their home. It can be a little space that can be spruced up and utilized very well. You can do much more with these spaces and make full use of them. vIf you want to achieve a log cabin’s ideal look, then you must make proper design choices. Keep reading this article, and we will tell you about log cabins and everything related to them. Also, if you are searching for log cabins in Shropshire, check out our portfolio.

Log Cabin:

Log cabins are compact and minimal, just like a log home. These log cabins have a history that dates back to ancient times. What if we tell you that this rustic house has been in style for thousands of years? There’s no exact date and location we have that we can provide that would prove it. However, the roots of this house style can easily be traced to Northern and Eastern Europe during the 3500 BC period.

Log cabins have emerged since the 17th century when people belonging to other nations started settling in different parts of the world. Many individuals started to adopt this style and turn their free spaces into log cabins. 

How A Log Cabin Is Made:

The original log cabins are constructed using stacked horizontal logs with interlocks at the ends of every notch. These notches are tightened, so there’s no gap. You don’t need to fill up the gaps with mud, straw, sticks, or anything. Back in the day, traditional construction used dowel joints for stability. However, you will need nails to keep the logs and interlocks intact. 

You won’t break the bank if you are going for a log cabin at your home. These are affordable as well as their construction is pretty simple. They don’t require heavy machinery. All we need is a team of men working together, and the house can easily get assembled in a few days. 

Moreover, these homes are movable. You can dismantle them and take the parts to a different location to rebuild them. You can replace the damaged parts with new ones while reconstructing the cabin. 

Log Cabin Styles:

Log cabins have different construction styles. Individuals choose the style that they like as per their preferences. Check the styles below:

  • Full Scribe:

This style is used for building the first log cabins. It is the traditional style which is stacked together horizontally and fitted tight. There’s no little space between the logs. 

  • Chink Style:

The chink style is one of the traditional styles. Pretty much similar to a full scribe. The logs in this style are stacked horizontally with saddle-notched on the corner. There’s a chinking mortar that fills in the spaces of the logs. It is more affordable than the traditional full scribe. 

  • Post and Beam:

This style has full logs, which are cut into a round profile. It supports the hoe structurally. The vertical logs hold the horizontal logs on top. The remainder, on the other hand, of the house has framed 2×6 walls with cinder blocks or straw bales.

  • Timber Frame:

Timber supports the main horizontal structure. The logs are cut into a square shape. The interior walls give an unfinished, which presents exposed logs. These timber frames are flexible, which makes it easier for house owners to get them built in most locales.

  • Hybrid:

This style is the amalgamation of different construction methods with materials. The interior walls are like regular houses. This style can easily accommodate more logs in it. It depends on the builder on how many logs they are looking to incorporate into the house.

Final Thoughts:

To wrap this up, you are pretty much aware of log cabins and things related to that construction style. If you are looking forward to getting a log cabin, then you can pick the style that you want and ask the estimates of it from the builder. Also, if you want to achieve the style of garden shed in the UK, then check us out right now. You can get in touch with us, and we will guide you!

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