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How to Maintain and Care for Your Wooden Garden Fence

Your garden fence is an important part of your property as it adds style, privacy, and elegance to the whole outlook of your home. These fences deserve to be well looked after so they can always look fresh and clean. 

A tired and dilapidated fence will make your home look uninviting and unloved. You have visitors coming around, and seeing fences in their worst condition will be the biggest turn-off. 

Keeping these fences well-maintained is important. If you are thinking of how to do it, then keep reading this blog. You will learn how to maintain and take care of your wooden garden fence. 

Getting The Right Equipment For It:

Since you are thinking of maintaining and cleaning your wooden garden fences, you need to get the right equipment together to do it. To make your life easier, you need to get these things. Read about the items that you will need to clean your fence:

  • Hose or power washer
  • Wood stain
  • Protective sheets
  • Brushes or rollers
  • Bleach or wood treatment

Protecting Your Plants and Grass:

Keep in mind that you have pretty and beautiful plants and grass all over your garden, so you need to protect them first since you will be blasting the power washer on the full settings, which can turn out to harm your grass and plants in the garden. 

To make sure that you don’t do any damage to the greenery around your garden, you should use plastic sheets and lay them down on them. 

Also, move the plant pots or any garden furniture out of the way before you start the washing. 

Bleaching and Then Power Washing:

If you are thinking of going for deep cleaning of the garden fences, then you need to visit the good hardware stores. From there, you can stock up on a proper wood cleaning solution that can be used to put it on your fences. However, you can also create your very own by watering down the bleach. 

The best way to do this is to use one part of bleach for every two parts of water. Apply this solution to your fence and let it rest for a while, so it can start to work on the fence. Once you start noticing that it is taking away mildew and dirt, then you can use a power washer to remove the solution. 

If you don’t have a power washer at your home, then a regular hose would do the job. A better idea for wooden garden fences to be cleaned up properly at home.  

Letting The Wood Dry Out:

Now that you have given it a good soaking, you have to let the wood dry before you put a new seal on it. Once it is clean and completely dry, then the fence is all set for staining. 

Try to wait until the fence comes in the shade before you start working on it. Direct sunlight might dry the paint quickly. It won’t be able to soak into the wood and provide proper protection to the fence. 

Applying the stain can be done by using a brush, a roller, or a power sprayer. If you apply it with the brush, then it will get easier for you to reach harder-to-reach areas and edges. 

There is a vast range of wood stains that is available in the market which you can choose that is most suitable for you. Always check on the product for coverage to make sure that you are purchasing enough for you.

Using these stains and oils will help in giving your fence a hint of colour and protect it from the elements while maintaining a natural wood look. If you are picking a colour, ensure to consider the overall look and try applying a small amount to a part of the fence that is not too obvious first and let it dry out. It is to make sure that the colour that comes out is what you want. 

Vegetation Control:

Proper vegetation control is what you need to do in your garden. It is crucial for maintaining your fence. Overgrown plants, such as vines or shrubs, start to put pressure on the wall, which causes damage over time. Make sure that there’s sufficient space between plants and the fence by keeping the vegetation trimmed so it doesn’t make contact with the barrier. 

It is important for you to keep a well-maintained clearance between the plant growth and the wall. It will help in preventing moisture accumulation and reducing the risk of pesticides or any insects damaging the wall. 

Seasonal Care:

Different seasons require specific care for the fence. During the cold season, always keep in mind to remove the snow build-up on the wall to prevent excess weight that can lead to structural damage. 

Clear the fallen leaves and debris, which can have a build-up of moisture and promote rotting in the fall. During the summertime, you can apply a fresh coat of protective coating to shield the fence from sun damage. Keep a check on your maintenance routine as per the seasonal needs of your wall. 

Regular Inspections:

Keeping a check regularly on the fences will let you identify any issues early and work on them as soon as possible. Firstly, you have to walk along the fence line and check if there are loose boards or sagging sections. Take a look at the fence and check if there are signs of wear and tear. 

Then you have to check the hardware, such as hinges and latches, to make sure that they are functioning correctly. This is how you can prevent problems from escalating and save on costly repairs. 

Final Thoughts:

Keeping the wooden garden fence maintained and clean will always be a great idea. It will give a better look to your whole house layout, and it will look welcoming to your visitors and guests. And if you are planning to swap out the fences with new ones. You can check our collection for the best wood for garden fence at Your Extra Space.

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