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The Latest Trends in Garden Building Design in 2023

Every other day there’s a new trend for exterior design or interior design. These trends come and go every year. Most people like to follow and pull them off since they are all interested in it and want to bring out the best in their home. 

Some garden trends will never go out of style. However, we like to bring some different and unique styles and designs to the garden to create a beautiful space. If you are that person who’s thinking of doing a makeover of your garden, then you have come to the right place. 

Keep reading this blog, and you will get to know about the trends that you can follow this year.

Growing Your Own Flowers:

In recent years, we have seen a rise in the popularity of flower farming. Many gardeners are experimenting with growing cut flower gardens at their homes. You can grow enough flowers to put them in a bouquet.

Want to know the best part of growing your own flowers? You can try selling these flowers at your local farmer’s market or share these home-grown flowers with your neighbours. Moreover, you can create your own centrepieces for your dining table with the cut flowers. 

Note down these tips that will help you to get started:

Narrowing Your Selections: Whenever picking up flowers, go for those that have strong stems and tend to bloom for a longer time period.

Finding A Spot For Your Cut Flower Garden: If you have an empty spot in the ground then you can use it for growing flowers or a raised garden bed. No matter where you plan to grow your flowers, make sure that you can water them easily.

Preparing Your Soil: Properly preparing your soil is what you need to ensure a good start for your flowers. 

Creating Cottage Gardens:

Since we have mentioned the cut flower gardens, how can we forget about the cottage gardens? Of course, cottage gardens deserve a place on this list. This magical planting style has colourful and fragrant blooms bursting from the garden beds. 

Check out these favourite plants of many gardeners for cottage gardens below:

Alliums: Alliums bring pops of colour to the garden beds.

Dianthus: An expansive genus that has annual, biennial, and perennial varieties that make Dianthus an ideal selection for any garden.

Yarrow: Well-known for being too easy to grow, yarrow produces many stems of gorgeous umbels in a variety of colours.

Designing Mediterranean-Style Gardens:

Cottage gardens spilling over flowers look lovely, no doubt, but in locations where the gardeners know that there are chances of drought, then Mediterranean-style gardens are the best. We have seen a rise in the popularity of this style.

What’s more interesting about this garden design is that it doesn’t only use less water, but it looks splendid. It’s possible that you can create a vibrant and relaxed aesthetic Mediterranean-style garden on your own. 

Read about the plants that you have to include:

Olive trees: With their silvery green foliage with gnarled trunks, olive trees turn out to be a pretty focal point.

Fragrant herbs: Many people out there love the fragrance and scent of rosemary or lavender. You can add these fragrant herbs, as they will be an incredible addition to the garden. On top of that, you can consider oregano and basil too.

Bougainvillea: These bright and vibrant climber plants are vigorous growers. They will be a beautiful addition to the display.

Swapping Lawns With Meadows:

Gardeners across the world have been tearing down their lawns and swapping them with drought-tolerant and pollinator-friendly plants. Individuals have started to appreciate this alternative, and meadows gardens have started to become more popular now, and they are one of the best garden design ideas for home.

Read these reasons why meadow gardens are appealing to many:

  • They support pollinators
  • They don’t require harmful chemicals
  • They don’t require mowing or trimming

Extending Houseplant Collection With Rare Plants:

There’s no secret that houseplants have seen a rise in demand in recent years. People who have had success with them are finding new ways to expand their collection by finding and collecting rare and unusual varieties of houseplants. Here’s the list of kinds of houseplants that you can get for your home this year:

Unusual colours: Green looks pretty classic to everyone, but gardeners are in search of surprising colours. There are a few favourites which include Dottie rose painted calathea that has green-edged pink leaves and Sun Red philodendron for its colour-changing foliage. 

Large leaves: Large leaves can turn out to be an eye-catching decor. For instance, a fern-like philodendron is ideal for your indoor decor.

Unique patterns and textures: There’s a plethora of houseplants that come with stunning leaves. Always keep an eye out for the unique varieties and those that have standout veining. 

Going Vertical:

There’s a new trend going on where gardeners are making the most of the space that they already have. One of the best ways to achieve this garden design? Go for vertical gardening. It is quite popular nowadays, and there are people utilising their small spaces with this style. 

Here are the ways to plant vertically. Read them below:

  • Hanging baskets, planter boxes, and containers
  • Fence shelving, pouches, or other mounted containers
  • Walls for training plants
  • Living walls

Final Thoughts:

These latest trends in DIY garden decor will come in handy for you this year. You can follow these trends as they will turn your garden into a beautiful space where you can sit and relax in your free time. Speaking of relaxing, you can get a garden room in the UK from Your Extra Space where you can chill and unwind.

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